Connecting with Spirit
In-Person and Online Group Course (4 weeks - $300)

​This is a 4-week course taught over an 8-week period, allowing you to fully digest your material and have plenty of time for practice exercises and homework. This foundation course is designed to help you create a conscious awareness of the guidance you receive on a daily basis from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters. In a classroom setting or online group chat, learn how to perceive and receive from the Other Side, as well as communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over. Learn all the different signs of communication, techniques for meditation, how to perceive and read auras, and participate in a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guide. By the end of class you’ll be doing readings for others! 

All course materials and instructional videos are uploaded to the Student Login page here on the website for convenience.

You must commit to attending ALL sessions…and yes...there’s homework!

Connecting With Spirit Private Online Course (4 weeks - $400)​

Not everyone prefers a classroom setting! Since all students learn at their own pace, this class allows for individual attention; mentoring you right where you are in your growth and development and helping you grow at your own unique pace. Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels via journaling, message and sign interpretation, and development exercises, as well as which of the “clairs” are your strongest, and which need further development. Learn to recognize all the ways that spirit is communicating with you RIGHT NOW!

This class is 100% online, therefore, class materials, instructional video, homework sheets, and channeled messages from your Spirit Guides will all be uploaded to the Student Login page. Meet with Celeste privately via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom for weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

Now you don’t have to wait to Connect With Spirit!

Class rosters are continually forming. Fill out the Class Signup Form if you are interested in enrolling in one of the Connecting with Spirit courses. We will add you to our waitlist and contact you once the next class is scheduled!

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